How to Get Investors on Board

The single best way to get investors on board is to have a compelling pitch. If you haven’t read our guide on developing a great pitch, you can check it out here.

After you do that, here are four additional tips for getting investors on board.

Have skin in the game.

If you are personally invested in your startup, and you can demonstrate that you are taking a big risk on this idea, it will show the investors how committed you are.

Have conviction.

Paul Graham, a world-renowned investor and thought leader, says this about approaching investors,

“That’s the secret. Convince yourself that your startup is worth investing in, and then when you explain this to investors, they’ll believe you.” –Paul Graham

Work from the inside out.

Start with your own money. Then approach family. Then approach friends. Then approach friends of friends. Each “ring” makes it easier to get to the next one. If you can show investors that other people are taking a risk on you, people that aren’t related to you, you will have more credibility.

Understand that it’s a numbers game.

Finding the right investor is a lot like dating. You aren’t going to find the perfect one on the first try. You have to meet a lot of investors, which is time consuming.

That’s where Syntiq comes in. Not only does Syntiq put your pitch in front of hundreds of investors- it actually filters, according to dozens of metrics, so that every single investor who sees your pitch is guaranteed to be looking for opportunities similar to yours.

We know investors who are interested in your industry. We know investors who are interested in companies at your stage of growth. We know investors who are interested in startups in your region.

They want to hear from you.

Contact investors that are best suited for you